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Emergency Closure

Since USSHS employees work in numerous buildings and school districts, they are to familiarize themselves with the emergency closure protocols of their school district where they work. On the days that School Districts are closed due to inclement weather, USSHS employees must still attend pre-arranged off-site meetings with outside agencies. During other circumstances when any individual school building is closed for emergency reasons, employees should report to the Underground Café or call their supervisor for further information.

USSHS staff assigned to a school building do not need to report to work if the entire school district they work in is closed for an emergency.

If you are management and are unable to get into your building, you must report to the Underground Cafe.

Staff who do not need to report to work when the school district is closed due to inclement weather or an emergency, must follow their school district policy if too many days were taken off and the district needs to payback days. Please see Human Resources for more information or to receive a copy of this policy (which is revised annually by the school districts).


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